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Cera di Cupra Sensitive Face Cream

Cera di Cupra Pelli Sensibili Face Cream (Sensitive Skin Formula)

50ml Tube

Cera di Cupra sensitive skin is a specific treatment for the problem of skin sensitivity. Thanks to the presence of sebum-like lipids, restorative and moisturizing substances, providing a skin-balancing effect, and after only four weeks of use the skin appears firmer, smoother and relaxed with a decrease in skin roughness and increased hydration.
The trans-epidermal water loss is an index of impaired skin barrier. Efficacy tests conducted on subjects with sensitive skin, have registered only after 28 days of treatment, significant improvements in skin parameters. The TEWL (trans-epidermal water loss) is limited by 24.5% and hydration increases by 19%. In addition, the facial skin is more elastic and stronger by 16.4% and 42.8% more compact.
Clinically tested.

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