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Focus Fuel - Matcha & Euphoria Combo

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Antioxidant Tea Extract -  Organic Matcha
70g powder
Health Benefits
  • Powerful amino acid
  • Detoxifying
  • Stimulates the production of serotonin & dopamine
  • Increases metabolism
  • Rich in chlorophyll which helps naturally detoxify the body 7 remove heavy metals
Make a matcha latte: whisk a small teaspoon of match with a ½ cup water, add plant hot plant milk. Add to banana ice cream and any baking recipe.
    100% organic matcha powder
    Mood Enhancer – Euphoria 90 Capsules Health Benefits Restores the mind and body balance when you feel stressed, anxious & emotionally drained. Mood Enhancing formula Apoptogenic – balances the body’s system Energising - uplifting green kratom blend with red ginseng & Matcha which improves energy levels Ingredients: green kratom leaf, prepared fo-ti, red ginseng extract, matcha, ashwagandha  

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