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Nomadic Romano Sandals

R 1,200.00
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  • Nomadic Romano Camel
  • Vegan, cruelty- free
  • Machine Washable
  • Romano style sandal in Black color.
  • Five points of adjustability
  • Sandal boasts one of our most secure fitting sandal!
  • Rope laces can be interchanged with other color laces
  • Only model of sandal where the laces can be changed.
  • This one, you need to know how to tie some sort of knot- there are no rules you can tie it anyway you want.
  • Added heel lift on bottom.
  • Super light, super soft rope, adjustable, and really comfortable! 
  • People call this style a gladiator style, we see it for more peaceful intentions, but if you need to be a gladiator- no one is judging here!

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