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Nomadic State of Mind

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Hand Made • Socially Responsible •Vegan •Wearable art

10 Reasons You Need These Sandals

1. They will get you laid back
2. Hand crafted with REAL hands!
3. Machine washable & colorfast
4. Ability to leap small puddles in a single bound.
5. They float, you don’t! ..remember that!
6. Makes you Too Sexy
7. Affordable, long lasting.
8. Superlight for your intergalactic travel
9. Worn by history’s best prophets.
10. The convertible sandal..and yes, this is a test.

Vegan, Cruelty-Free Festival Shoes.
Nomadic State of Mind is home to handcrafted, machine-washable rope sandals. These comfortable sandals are handcrafted with high-quality rope materials and designed with twisting shapes to keep the foot in place as you travel the world. 


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