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About Bella Ciao

Bella Ciao was established in 2018.
Our mission is to share products with you that we have loved for many years as well as offer products that we have manufactured ourselves.
Health & Nutrition 
All our offerings are products that have great benefits for you and your family and we want to share them with our country and community to keep their energies flowing positively.
We offer online and private yoga classes - we love yoga and the incredible benefits it has on both your mind and body and would love to share the practice with you.
We love to design and source unique and one of a kind pieces.
We also strive to bring you brands and products that are ethical and sustainable for our environment - such as our favourite nomadic sandals.
Home & Lifestyle 
We are creators and want to share our art and collections with you. Our mission is to create lifestyle products that are convenient and essential to everyday life.
All of our products and art are proudly manufactured in South Africa. Our goal is to support locally produced products/artwork to grow entrepreneurial businesses.