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❤️ It fills our hearts to give back to others in need.

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The Angel Networks Aim

"The Angel Network is a voluntary organization, run solely via the power of social media. We are a registered Non-Profit Organisation (NPO: 181-947). We are also a registered Public Benefits Organisation (PBO) and can issue Section 18-A tax deductible receipts for any donations paid to The Angel Network.

Our goal is to create a gateway for giving. A platform from which helping where help is needed, is easily accessible to anyone wanting to do a little more, and give a little more. The Angel Network enables, facilitates and mobilises acts of kindness.

The Angel Network is not affiliated to any one charity, but rather offers assistance to established welfare organisations, whenever and wherever help is needed.

We provide a portal to offer help wherever help is needed, by giving a hand UP, rather than a handout. "