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Homeopathic Lymphatic Drainage / Slimming & Shape Combo

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Combine your drops & SAVE 

You can combine your drops and get double the benefit!

Lymphatic detox drops.

Our lymphatic system has a role in our immune response as well as cellular cleansing and detoxification. It can be seen as the “rubbish dump” for all our cellular waste and needs regular cleansing and detoxification to keep the system working optimally.

The combination of ingredients work synergistically to gently cleanse the kidneys, liver and lungs and sweep out the lymphatic system and thus may be beneficial in deep cellular detoxification, water retention and weight loss. A healthy lymphatic system is reliant on body movement therefore it is important to maintain an active lifestyle and perform lymphatic massages with the Lymphatic Drainage Tool & Oils.

Slimming drops:

Our slimming drops are used to gently stimulate the glandular function within the body to cleanse the body, activate weight loss and boost energy levels.

These drops will help eliminate cravings for sugar and may regulate the appetite. Best results are obtained with a calorie restricted clean eating plan such as the IN8 wellbeing diet plan.


IN8 wellbeing is proud to be associated with quality homeopathic complexes for health and wellbeing.

Homeopathy has been used for over 200 years to gently regulate and stimulate the self healing mechanism within the body. Our formulations are safe and effective and have no side effects.  

Please consult your primary care physician before starting any healthcare protocol.


How to use: 10x drops taken in a glass of water or into 1l- 2l of water which can be consumed throughout the day. Can also be placed into a cup of herbal tea. You can combine the LD & SS drops. 

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